How To Start A Bookkeeping Business In 8 Steps

9k= How To Start A Bookkeeping Business In 8 Steps

You need to combine all your research to determine how much you can spend on marketing and how you plan to get the word out. Bookkeeping appears in the top 25 on the list of best business jobs available. Since bookkeeping involves considerable time and attention to detail, many businesses look to outsource the tasks involved. Before you start marketing and branding your business, you’ll need to ensure your name is available.

  • 4) If you provide tax preparation services, they’re a great way to avoid a crazy tax season.
  • Since you are starting a bookkeeping business, I’m sure that you have already given some thought on which accounting software to use for your business.
  • To open an account, LLCs and corporations typically need to bring to the bank a copy of their articles, their operating agreement or bylaws, and their EIN.
  • An audit can happen to any client, so in order to help auditors and the IRS, well-kept records and records kept for the allotted time period are critical during an inspection.
  • It’s also necessary to be extremely accurate, reliable and work with a high level of integrity when you’re managing the books for another company.

Give useful information that editors can put in stories about financial issues and they may call you for a quote. As with most services, the amount of clients for your bookkeeping business depends on your level of skill and experience. For a basic idea, the average number of clients once you are up and running, per bookkeeper is 30.

Certified Bookkeeper

There’s something so empowering about starting a bookkeeping business. You get to do something you’re passionate about without working in an office and reporting to a boss every day. It’s also a way to make money at your own pace without the added stresses of an office job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average bookkeeper can expect to earn $18.87 an hour – this won’t quite make you rich, but it’s not bad for a basic starting salary. If you’re successful at building your business and attracting high-quality clients, you could easily charge more. Yet it’s not just about how good you are at your job and how professional you are. In the second course, I give people the fast track to starting a successful bookkeeping business.

Practice management software is arguably the most important piece of bookkeeping software in your own accounting firm business. You’ll need something that tracks your tasks, deadlines and provides for one central place to communicate on work. When you run a fully virtual bookkeeping business, honestly, there’s not much need for a phone. But when you get bookkeeping clients, you may also need a phone service over and above this, I would recommend setting up a VoIP phone service, which is basically an internet phone service.

If you have no experience in bookkeeping but want to start a bookkeeping business, you will need to be prepared to invest in yourself and in the tools of the trade. Get a good computer, reliable internet, and top bookkeeping software.

Z How To Start A Bookkeeping Business In 8 Steps

Planning will often be what makes or breaks a bookkeeping business. Additionally, having a firm business plan in place will also be essential for any bookkeeper that wants to take out a business loan or otherwise access outside capital.

How Do I Start My Own Bookkeeping Business?

Annual profits of bookkeeping businesses vary, however, you can make anywhere from $10,000 to How to Start a Bookkeeping Business several million dollars a year. It will all depend on how you manage and scale your business.

Your first few clients will always be from your friends and family. To do that, there’s no better way than attending local networking events. Try to develop content that catches your prospects’ eyes.

  • In this guide, we will discuss the most important things you’ll need to keep in mind along the way.
  • This is a trend that is completely changing how bookkeepers and accountants do business, so it’s important that you understand how it works since it will have a direct impact on your business.
  • Set up your own domain name so that you will have a professional email address.
  • Since most people search for everything online, having a website will make your bookkeeping business more accessible.
  • You’ll also be able to begin pursuing potentially much bigger clients that have very complex needs.

You’ll also have access to tutorials and webinars to ensure you continuously learn more about your trade. There’s both an online and desktop application you can use, but it’s best to choose the online version. Finally, the ‘Bookkeeper Elite’ is for those who are already running a successful business but want it to be self-sustaining enough to run without them. This membership includes regular meetups and entry to a mastermind, as well as the most advanced strategies available. Bond over the fact you’re both entrepreneurs and willing to do anything for your businesses.

You may have to unlearn some of what you already know so you can implement the course lessons and launch a successful bookkeeping business. However, you need to want to help business owners organize their finances and have good computer skills. There is more to starting a bookkeeping business than just being good at math (although it sure helps!). If you’re good at organizing financial information for business owners, you might want to consider starting a bookkeeping business. Bookkeepers build a business’ financial foundation, helping entrepreneurs make decisions about the future success of their business.

Create A Business Plan

Incentivize referrals by rewarding current clients for referring new ones. For more information on the right insurance coverage, check out our article on Bookkeeper, Accountant, and CPA Insurance. We may make money when you click on links to our partners. Amazing blog, It was very informative and easy to understand. Also, you might want to follow my newsletter (/newsletter) as I’ll be releasing a course shortly on how to set your prices, which I’ll announce there. Sign up for the newsletter of the apps you have signed up with to learn about new features they’re releasing. Make sure these are saved somewhere and accessible for everyone at your business to view so that they can perform these tasks without your help.

9k= How To Start A Bookkeeping Business In 8 Steps

GAAP forms the basis for all bookkeeping businesses and outlines the assumptions, principles and standards used to analyze transactions. GAAP standards were created and are regularly updated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board . Bookkeepers are accountable for the finances of the people and companies they represent. This means you have a responsibility as a bookkeeper to ensure that your financial statements are accurate and you protect your clients from fraud, risk, and more. In that vein, there are 4 specific regulatory areas that you need to account for outside of these general principles. You need to remember you’ll be on your own as far a liability goes when you run your own bookkeeping business. Don’t accept anything less than two-step authentication and cloud based solutions.

Get Started With Bookkeeping

This can be a good option for earning money on the side or scaling to a full-time business. If you already have bookkeeping experience, you can translate your skills to the online world and find business owners who need your expertise. In addition, if you have any prior bookkeeping experience, this may be a disadvantage with this course.

  • He then taught tax and accounting to undergraduate and graduate students as an assistant professor at both the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Mississippi State University.
  • If you have children or other people living with you, clients may see your home as an insecure environment.
  • Fit Small Business content and reviews are editorially independent.
  • However, you may choose to outsource specific services to a bookkeeper.
  • After passing your exams and obtaining your certification, the next step is to comply with a series of rules and regulations.
  • If the provider has a partner program, it will help you grow your business.

You will find that you need to undergo an official state-certified bookkeeping exam to earn your designation. In order to take the exam, you will need to complete a financial working knowledge course. This is similar to taking a college or university course on financial literacy, accounting, or business. But don’t be intimidated thinking that you need to be a certified finance or business major to take the exam. If you have a background in an unrelated field, you can still take the exam.

There are industry job sites and professional associations you can join to help you find clients, but you also want to look into other options. A bookkeeper also needs a good understanding of computerized accounting software.

Do You Need Experience To Be A Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper’s work is applicable across many different types of industries — after all, every business needs to track and optimize its finances. However, to help market your business and set it apart amongst the competition, you may decide to specialize in a specific industry. He then taught tax and accounting to undergraduate and graduate students as an assistant professor at both the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Mississippi State University. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor for both the Online and Desktop products, as well as a CPA with 25 years of experience.

9k= How To Start A Bookkeeping Business In 8 Steps

This module will enable you to master the tools, procedures, and underlying principles that comprise the bookkeeping processes of all businesses. Once completed, you will understand the core building blocks of Accounting and Bookkeeping. For added protection for your personal assets, you should look into business insurance based on your incorporation decisions. You should also protect personal finances with separate accounts for your business. Your business plan also needs to include marketing strategies.

Market Your Services

As long as you have a space to work and a way to keep things organized, you’re good to go. First, you can rent a post office box from your local post office. On average, you will pay $60 for six months or $120 for the year. The alternative would be to focus on a specific niche instead, for instance, bookkeeping for the automotive industry. When you notice areas in your initially documented processes that aren’t smooth, it’s time to update your process to eliminate points of friction. For each process, create a step-by-step account for what needs to take place from the beginning of the process until the very end.

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I am currently working on starting a virtual office management service, specializing in bookkeeping. I was researching client intake forms for bookkeeping when I came across your site. I am currently signed up with QBO Accountant and about halfway through the certification process.

Bookkeeping Vs Accounting

If you are not sure about the name and have a few options, talk to potential clients and ask your friends and family to review the names. You can also compare the name to the brand names of other bookkeepers. The professional training you receive will not only teach you the basics of bookkeeping but also advanced services. Make sure that the training institute is nationally recognised and is offering a certificate. If you have a certificate your clients will trust you more.

I’ve created an easy checklist for all the things we talked about today for you, so make sure to check it out. You could also use online posting sites such as Craig’s List or LinkedIn and share that you are looking for bookkeeping clients.

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